Montag, 17. Oktober 2011


Yeah !!! I am proud to be able to present my new webpage, some information about fun in the powder, big mountain contests and making movies with my crews and friends !!!
Most of the time I´ll go riding with friends of my Ski / SnB & Movie CREW -

First of all thanks to my Sponsors, without them I wouldn´t be able to go riding and taking part at the contests - Thx guys !!!

I´ll try to distinguish my blog from the daily skiing news like
"oh look more snowflakes"

- It will be about fun, success, training and crashes -
therefore I´ll keep going on with pushing myself in workout sessions which should protect myself from injuries this season !!!
This season we have already a few movie projects in preparation, soon I´ll give you a update about it. So hang on ;-)

Thanks for visiting !


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