Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Studying (in) deepest POW - times

While Austria and the rest of the mountains in our area are drowning in snow...
What could be better than, go out and shred some gnarly lines...???
You got it -> Studying
So much fun - I can tell you ;-)

But in a few days I am going to France to join the first 4* FWQT-contest this season in Europe in La Clusaz !!!
So I am pretty fine and so is my motivation and physical strength...

Before I started the studying marathon I enjoyed awesome moments with:
  • Our Season Opening / Movie Premiere - party with almost 1000 people AWESOME
  • Some fun - during avalanche-lessons
  • Shooting with my Crew - Mischfabrik.com
  • AQUA-training with Holger Schönthier
  • and yeah almost forgot...studying ;-)

A few pics about great times with friends !!! Thx to all of u !!!

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