Montag, 27. Februar 2012

working, skiing, studying... awesome life :)
Thx to all the people on my way making things possible...

But what would this means without the people who are walking this road with you,

-->Your friends !!!
So thanks to everyone of you keep pushing me :)

Dreams come true...

--> a lil´teaser about our first decent at the "Spielberg" in Tirol [AUT]
with Christoph Fuschlberger, Matthias Haunholder, Matthias Mayr and me :) Hooooraaay

and along the way...
Passed all my studies
HELL YEAH and moved on to the 4th semester !

I think despite my injury I´ll be able to get back on my skis the next weeks...

UPDATE: Yeah published on :)

and in the "Kitzbuehler Anzeiger"

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