Sonntag, 1. April 2012

orLet the games begin...

One week ago I had my knee surgery - perfect results as far as it can be judged at this point of time.

Thanks for the good care to Dr. med. habil. Reiner Hente and his team at the hospital in Bad Reichenhall.

The next months the focus is all about physical and mental training.

To get back to the condition I had before and far beyond that ... !!!And I am really looking forward to it ... :)So let the games begin !!!


Here´s a short review about the past action.

The days before my surgery I wanted to go skiing as much as possible,
well I succeded haha !!!
The day before the surgery, we planned to take one of the steepest couloirs in our hometown mountains !

or the beast from the southeast

At that day it was one giant frozen waterfall,
Impossible to ski down there fast and fluid and be back alive and in one piece...

But this was the goal..
so for this time "the beast" won and we decided to choose a other descent...


First 3D Movie shooting - WOW

Mischfabrik Movies is currently working at a 3D !!! Movie project for Dachstein West.
The Skiarea supported us with sleds all day long - thanks very much guys!

Who needs chairlifts...
Never again! ;)


Videos released
2012 / 2013
Predigtstuhl home town descent - coming April 2012
Whiteout movie project - coming April 2012
Spielberg first descent (Click Teaser) - Full movie coming Autumn / Winter 2012
Basecamp Movie by Mischfabrik Movies - coming Summer/Autumn 2012(click teaser)
Movie about our youth Freeski Camp - Zell am See - coming autumn 2012
Jenner skiarea promotion trailer - coming Winter 2012
Dachstein 3D promotion movie - coming Winter 2012


Davos featuring Hochfügen - Gotta LoVe those powderdays

Vacation in switzerland Davos - Nice times with my girflfriend ;) &
Big Mountain lines in Hochfügen !!!


Home shooting - Berchtesgaden

We were shooting for a local skiarea - Jenner am Königsee a few days ago.
Movie coming winter 2012 - by Simon Thussbas -
with Mischfabrik Movies and my girlfriend !!!
Sorry guys... just G-rated material ;)


One last run - Jenner am Königsee

And a small alpin racing clip - just a bit cruising down the Jenner @ Königsee/ Berchtesgaden
only made for a 1000€ Videocontest in our hometown area !!!
No FREERIDE ACTION sry guys ;)

Cya soon guys


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