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Whiteout (2012) 

WHITEOUT (2012) from Don Philly on Vimeo.

NEW MISCHFABRIK MOVIE - Project - Whiteout (2012) 
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Yeah we got published on the NO FRIENDS ON POWDER DAYS Homepage
"It’s rider versus the elements in new movie Whiteout"

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"Have you ever seen that film Alive where the Uruguayan rugby team crash in the Andes and have to survive incredible conditions and end up eating each other?
Well this snowboarding film is a little bit like that, minus the cannibalism. Because no-one wants that, do they?
Whiteout follows two riders and two skiers (namely riders Claus Israel and Johannes Scharl and skiers Daniel Ziemer and Andi Nitsche) on the mother of all backcountry adventures in extreme conditions and they spend the night in ice caves shivering next to each other to keep warm. It’s not your normal snowboarding film, though, this one’s got what you’d call a script and a plot, so they weren’t in any real danger, but we imagine that ice cave was pretty nippy.
The only problem we have with this one? We don’t speak German, so we’ve no idea what they are saying. But it’s probably Oscars all round. "

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