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Hintertux Glacier - Kaserer Grad Hike - Movie Project

Hi There,

Short insight about an ascent project at the Hintertux glacier for our Freeriderslife movie being released in october 2015.

All in all it is a very exposed ridge and demanding hike up there where we had a lot of fun, but you have to be absolutely sure about snow conditions and be confident of your own constituation and mental health.

We did climb up over the Kaserer Grad towards the "Kaserer Gipfel" - Kleiner Kaserer 3093m
If you want to do this hike, please talk to the locals and guides on the Hintertux glacier about current avalanche and snow situations and be sure that your friends or your team can rely on each other.

To get an overview about it I attached a map to make it as easy as possible.

Overview map Kaserer Grad Hintertux
VIDEO Ascent

Watch your step :)
Kurzer Einblick in die Mitte des Aufstiegs gestern am Hintertux Gletscher.Pretty much fun - just watch your step... :)Rossignol II Lange II 8848 Altitude II Drift Innovation II Alpina Sports II SKINS II Manaliso II parmula II #Freeriderslife
Posted by Daniel Ziemer on Montag, 13. April 2015

You take the Kaserer 2 lift up and then traverse to the right to the entry of the hike towards the ridge.
Most of the ascent looks like this - there are some small cruxes where you have to careful.

Crux 1

Better don´t fall...

When you reached the peak after approx. 30-40min. the traverse (see map) looks like this:


When you reached the end of the traverse your line down can look like this and you know the effort getting there was totally worth every step. :)

Line down

Fun terrain

VIDEO Skiing down 

I hope you got a good insight about the hike, please act save up there if you give it a try and ask some locals about current situation.

Have fun n see you on snow


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